SmartStack® Contactless Horizontal Wafer Shippers

The semiconductor industry is shifting to thin and ultra-thin wafers in order to make smaller, higher performing and lower cost devices. This SmartStack® contactless horizontal wafer shipper helps improve yields and increase productivity for device manufacturers as they advance their manufacturing processes.

Key benefits of contactless design:

  • Capable of holding 25 wafers of varying thicknesses
  • Eliminates the need to use TYVEK® interleaf wafer separators or PE foam cushions
  • Enables automation compatibility

The unique “contactless” design of the Entegris shipper minimizes contact with the wafer surface, and replaces the need for separators inserted between the wafers during shipping, which can damage or contaminate sensitive wafers. A 25-wafer capacity designed for automation also enables improved productivity.

See the appropriate wafer size for product and ordering information.